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Are Top-Drive packings suitable to seal with air inside
27 January 2019

Dear colleagues

 Might be a tough one for a Sunday, but we know you all like a challenge‚Ķ

 Can you help me with regards to the TDS washpipe?  We recently had one leak and it was air in the string that leaked at 1500 psi.

  • Are these packings designed for fluids only or are they supposed to hold vapour/air as well?
  • Any suggestions?




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Air packing requires a a higher durumeter material. They are available. 
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Generally seals on rigs are only designed to seal with liquids with water being the test medium for the best case.

As soon as you start drilling with air or aerated fluids valves and seals will leak. Most of the time redressing seals and making sure that there is no pitting or corrosion on the surfaces will work.

Make sure that you inspect the inside of the rotary hose as high pressure air can absorb into the rubber and cause chunking. This applies to all elastomers exposed to the air. (hoses, Non Return Valves, Motors, LWD tools) 

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