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Multistage Stimulation in 2 different sizes
01 February 2019
Dear community,

I am faced with a well design where the reservoir has two different layers. Kimmeridgian layer  (which is above) with a  formation pressure  much higher than the Callovian layer below.

Meaning, production casing (7") will be run up to Kimmeridgian layer and off-bottom cemented. For Callovian layer, would be run 4.5" uncemented production liner. 2 zones will be in casing part and another 2 zones will be in liner part.

Upper completion will be consisted by tieback stinger, production packer, sliding sleeve, chemical injection mandrel & safety valve.

All this would be run on 3.5" 9.2# tubing. I want open hole sliding (frac) sleeves to open/close by coiled tubing and install 2 each in liner & 2 each in casing. Isolate each zone with open hole packers.

 I want to open each zone and perform acid/prop fracturing and produce each zone one by one.

I need your advise if you think it is feasible.

Thanks in advance,
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Dear Daniyar,

My question to you is how the well will be stimulated, once it will be completed? (how is connected the reservoir to production string for the two upper zones?)

Also the 4 1/2 liner hanger will be set on an uncemented casing, in my understanding, isn`t it?.

Those two aspects are coming into my mind now as potential issues with the suggested completion.


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Daniyar Ubaitzhanov

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