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Foam Wiper Balls
07 March 2019
I know there are several devices on the market to help install foam wiper balls. IE, Cortex applicator, Halliburton Foam ball / foam dart loader and Ray Oil Tool Jack machine.  But I am curious how the innovative rig hands and roustabouts have over come the challenge of getting foam balls into the pipe with out the expensive devices.

I have seen the broom handle trick, a piece of rope wound around the ball.  

What else is out there?
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Hi all,

We found it more efficient to have the foam ball pre-installed in a drillpipe pup joint offline, because it was slicker to p/up and m/up the pup into the string than "messing about" installing it into the string sitting in slips.

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Michael in my experience, 

We simply 'Break the string connection at the drill floor install the ball and re-make up the connection'.

What else is out there? Keep is simpler!

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