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Free drilling course
05 May 2019
Please does anyone know any site online where I could get a free course on drilling and well control. Thanks
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Kingdom Drilling
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U Tube 
Dr Richard Lau.

You can watch a series of six (6) Introduction to Drilling media files if you can  resource a couple of hours to do so.

This should cover most of your introductory drilling needs and covers much more.

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all the levels please. thanks
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Hello Mohamed,

Could you please share with me those drilling materials? 

I'd like to read through them.


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THIS IS DONE STRICTLY ON THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THIS IS NOT MATERIAL FROM A COMMERCIAL COURSE = breaking the law!  Remember that people who are professional trainers are just that, professional, and it's how they earn a living, feed their families and pay their bills.

Please note that there are some great online resources:
2.  Kingdom Drilling

There are also some excellent books. is happy to host / store material as long as it done not breach copyright laws.

Ray Procter Group offer an excellent Well Engineering Competency package!
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Hi Daniel,

Is it "Introduction to Drillling (Drilling Technology I) you are looking for or what level?

Best regards,

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Hello Daniel;
Just send me your email and I'll send you some materials.

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A good start point, free online course from IWCF.
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