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Project management training, competencies?
07 May 2019
What project management skills development training is currently instituted for well individual's or team's organizations adopting a PM approach to well's management?

Please share and SPREAD experiences to what is or has been provisioned and provided or not. e.g.
1. Prince2.
2. PMI.
3. MSP 
4. BS6570 Project management standards.
5. Other recognised industry PM methods/standards.
(At foundation level competency training level.)

What are SPREAD members views w.r.t minimum PM competency training and credentials required notably at supervisory, leadership, individual project roles in such subject matters?

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Thanks Augusto for the links 

I have included a few more and attached some FOC guides to PM. e.g. 

Managing successful projects (MSP) is a UK govt initiative for business and has several documents that can be found, resourced and downloaded for free.

British standard of project management (BS6079) keeps PM simple 'I.e. Plan Organize Implement Control' and is highly worth sourcing.

BS 6079-1:2000 Incorporating Amendment Nos. 1
and 2 to BS 6079:1996 (amendment no. 2
renumbers the BS as BS 6079-1:2000)

Garold D. Oberlender, P~.D., Professor of Civil Engineering
Oklahoma State University is well suited for Oil and gas. Excellent book given to me by a friend many years ago.

ISO2500 Guidance on Pm (attached).

Project Management Institute (PMI) handbook.
Outlines 10 key elements to project management. 


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"AULD" PUBLICATIONS of eventual interest...

Project Management tools: PERT + CPM Gant charts, transportation models & scheduling techniques

         OTC 6681 Project Management

         The little Black Book of Project Management (?)

1992 Managing Drilling Operations @Ken Fraser + Andew Kenworthy, NORWELL, Jim Peden H-W U Edinburgh 10. Rig acceptance; 11. drilling optimisation; 12. problem-solving;           13. land drilling project management; 14. Offshore drilling project management.

1993 SPE 26767 Operator/Project Management Approach Achieves World’s 3rd  longest Horizontal well by partnering, GM/BP;

          Effective Drilling Project Management. (?)

1994  Drilling Project Management: Principles and Practices,J. Ford Brett.

           Turnkey Project Management; evolution, Global Marine Drilling Co;

             IBC: ERD Wytch Farm, Foinhaven; HPHT Jackup; Manual Handling H&SE; Integrated Services x Cultural issues; Rig selection; Strathspey; Turnkey project Management;  

Drilling Specialist/Well Engineer/Training Consultant
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Thanks for sharing this.

Great news that an operator actually required demonstrable evidence that SME's were PM trained at a required level. 
Its poor that this was not verified, audited and confirmed as per management systems, standards and processes required. 

Having worked in projects that adopted a PMM from the mid 90's (and yet to receive or be required to demonstrate any competency in such matters!).  I support whole heartedly that a PM (keep it simple) method is employed (we know based on results, this works when done right first time.). 

All persons involved in my experiential view should be afforded a required standard of PM skills training and development to assure competencies and understanding w.r.t. individual work scope's deliverables required.  


Turning back the clock, on our second project in the late 90's the team leader, (having learned from our first project's management failings) hired a bus, and invited all SME's and project team members offsite (including key drilling contractor and 3rd party personnel). 

We afforded two full days at a hotel working solely to clearly define the project work scope.  As doing this key task at the project start was advised to us by a PM Consultant that we employed on our first well, as central and key to a project's success.

Early in the project we were also tasked by the PM to clearly define individual Roles responsibilities and accountability. This assured far simpler process, control and flow to the work scope's identified. i.e. everyone understood who was doing what when and how. Far less meetings also resulted that afforded individuals far more time to get on with their roles and responsibilities as clearly assigned.



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should read "SInce then, the PRINCE2 Certs were never checked by anyone in an IOCs C&P team in the end."
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Hello Peter,

During the last O&G downturn ... and in response to IOC C&P prescribed tender document requirements, I obtained PRINCE2 to meet the Clients Project Management Methodology (PMM) certification requirements.

SInce then, the PRINCE2 Certs were never checked by anyone if an IOCs C&P team in the end.

However, I do believe that the adoption of a prescribed Project Management Methodology (PMM) is a +ve step, as it provides a common Project language and framework to a team of SME specialists that often have their own disipline specific terms, language and  acronyms, but work to a common goal.

I propose well teams decide on a suitable PMM, then get training and then rigorously use the chosen PMM.   The various PMMs overlap a lot, as you would expect.


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