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Wiper trip
29 May 2019

Dear Forum members,


We are drilling ahead 8.5” hole with RSS BHA building angle to 12.9 and then dropping angle to 5.0 and turning to the right (from 248 to 25)

After POOH we plan to make a wiper trip with a different BHA before running 7” casing.

There are two opinions in the team. One is to run a BHA that mimics the previous drilling RSS BHA.

Second is to run a stiff BHA with 3 undergauge stabilizers to ensure the hole is wiped well to accept the 7” casing and avoid casing stuck.


What is your opinion? How high are the risks of running stiff BHA with 3 undergauge stabilizers? Should we not just run similar configuration BHA as the drilling BHA as a general rule of thumb?

Thank you.

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Mubadala Petroleum
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I have the same thoughts as Elman, wellpath looks benign from the details provided. Follow the basics, determine the condition of the hole in realtime during drilling and POOH, then make a judgement on facts.  Good luck !

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Interesting sharing where it would be best to realize the answer prior to contracting a drilling rig.  Definitely always run a wiper trip after logging.  Simultaneously prior to doing the drilling plan run T&D simulations for a given BHA design.  Include harmonic issues to determine best practice WOB and RPM.  During drilling note actual Azimuth change with Inclination change and then compare T&D readings by depth with theoretical.  Simultaneously model the casing string parameters with the actual hole conditions to assure there is ability to land the casing string.  Simultaneously if there are multiple levels of gas zones it is best practice to rotate the casing / casing liner during cement displacement.
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Are you performing a wiper trip  because "that's what you have always done" or is there some other need to perform it. Monitor your trip out of open hole and if it looks good run the liner. Performing an unnecessary wiper trip just adds alot more risk to your well - especially for an unintentional sidetrack. 

If you do go ahead and run a wiper trip, keep the BHA flexible, do not go with a stiff BHA, you will have difficulties working it through the curved sections. Consider just pulling to the shoe and then running back in the hole - if you do hit issues, downlink the RSS to the settings it was in at that depth and work through.

Would shy away from reamer shoes straight out on the liner for the same reason as not going with a stiff BHA. Thought process being it is near full gauge and as such has more chance of causing issues. Would the liner have run in hole with no issues if you hadn;t run a reamer shoe?

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Not much to add to what have been said , however, I want to highlight the potential risk of an accidental site-track if you go with a stiff BHA  (depending on the hardness/softness of the formation  and the reaming parameters). It is therefore recommended to include an MWD in the BHA if you decided to run a wiper trip.
As an alternative to wiper trip you may consider inclusion of a reaming shoe in the liner whereby it enable you to work the liner through tight spots in a an efficient and effective way. 
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In my opinion running stiff BHA with 3 undergauge stabs is not a very wise choice. If you don’t get stuck, it may take a very long time before you complete the wiper trip. Well condition on the last trip and wireline would provide valuable data which help deciding your next BHA.
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Experiential view is that RSS wellbore's rarely warrant wiper trips. 

Where we typically assure bit/BHA shall achieve wellbore objectives, outcomes and benefits desired. ie. Drill to section TD, circulate clean, POH on elevators, to then log and/or run the liner trouble free to bottom safely effectively and efficiently.

CONTINGENT check-trip BHA. Is driven via  wellbore while drilling / tripping operating problems/difficulties to warrant this?
We have rarely planned for this?

Running a stiff BHA back into a well after a RSS is inadvisable and risky**?  It is difficult is to warrant / justify such a decision based on risks and difficulties that will likely result trying to get this to bottom and out again.  

**Note: If you are planning run solid centralizers with the liner (generally viewed by many as a no-no in open hole) then the RSS as drilled well may not accommodate this liner and centralizers to be run? 

Check-trip BHA should then mimic the next operation planned i.e. the liner (as per the centralised plan** design and engineering) as envisaged pre and then post wellbore delivery assessment, taking all evident factors/aspects into account.

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  • Wiper trip with current BHA and then running 7" casing might result in a situatiion where you get stuck at multiple points, but this depends on DLS, if the DLS is < 3 and smooth it won't matter
  • Additionally if this is a 7" liner, you can rotate it easily, if this is a casing, then use overdrive system to rotate the casing to bottom in case any obstruction is encountered
  • If you run with a Packed BHA then the downside is that you will to do excessive reaming which will take quite a lot of time, but the advantage is that it is a stiffer BHA and might mimic the casing , so you have a better idea of what you will be dealing with when you run casing.
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Why do you think you need wiper trip?
What is the DLS and 7" centralisation?
If DLS is not very aggressive (>4-5 deg) and liner centralisation is light I would not do any wiper trip unless you have seen some restriction while tripping with the BHA.
7" string is quite flexible and drilling BHA should be good to replicate the liner running. If you really want to do wiper trip I would just do with current BHA.
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