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Drilling KPI global database
07 June 2019
Dear Forum members,

What other global databases except Rushmore do you know to use for benchmarking the drilling KPI’s such days/10k, NPT, well costs, well data etc. Has anyone used WoodMackenzie for above? 
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Dear Nazim,

I only can support the statements made by Peter above! I believe until now we do not have developed the right means to evaluate the success of drilling a well.

Due to the high associated costs of drilling a well, the main contributor for many operators seems to be time (NPT). If you ask a drilling team about the success of a well they drilled you will get a different rating or Quality Index (QI) as when you ask the Production or Integrity Engineers later.

I came across quite a significant amount of wells in my career, where the drilling team delivered development wells with an internally (in the team) agreed QI of e.g. 94%. Upon handover the well integrity engineer deemed the well as not fit for purpose and it was abandoned without ever being put on production. As I said this did not happen to me on only one occasion and seemingly good wells had to be abandoned after they got a good KPI rating from the drilling team (and compared to Rushmore).

I guess, if you work for a smaller company with only a smaller number of wells you need to establish your own KPI's by reading up on what others do, but always look at the life of the well, from construction over production to the abandonment.
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Build and develop your own wells database from you have, what you can gather is what we would recommend. 

Look at what other industries use, w.r.t standards, metrics and KPI's. Try and avoid current oil and gas failed metrics and KPI's as used (note: and applied within most databases!!!).

Truth is, evident well reports (using NPT) only capture 1/3 to 1/4 of all well's and project loss/waste that exists. Where we recognized we must measure wells in a  differently way vs what organizations regulators, oil and gas bodies still today in the main apply.,

Summary is that NPT, LTI metrics etc used and big-data bases that exist simply 'FAIL' to meet learning needs by a long mile.

To deliver, safer, better wells' we must eliminate all loss/waste that exists through using more appropriate standards, metrics and KPI's as recognised/analyzed a long time ago.

Without major KPI reporting and data base data gathering change all well's loss/waste lessons to be learned shall not be translated and sustained into future wells because metrics as currently used FAIL. (Where 'Failure Always Invites Learning')

Therefore time for major metric KPI and data management change is our well's data base view.

Some articles attached to expand discussion in this important area.

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For the UKCS, The Oil & Gas Authority collect some data and publish in it an Insights report. A new report is due out later this year but the existing report can be found at
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Depending on size of the operator (e.g. Shell/BP/Exxon/Chevron etc), no.of assets, geographical location; each region has its own KPI / bench making database.  

You may explore IADC website for various categories.


Atul Bhadauria

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