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Experiences cementing through a Pressure Pipe Cutter or Section Mill/Underreamer ?
11 June 2019

Dear Forum members,

Any experiences out there with cementing through a pipe cutter/section Mill or underreamer ? I`ve personally done it once myself (1993) during an abandonment operation, where we experienced heavy losses immediately after the 7" casing was cut. We displaced 10m3 LCM to the cut, followed by a further 3,5m3 pill, then 8m3 1,90 sg silica cement slurry were displaced to the cut. After waiting on cement no static losses were observed.The Cutter was pulled to surface, and the 7" csg recovered and laid down.

I`m mainly looking for" older " cases, as nowadays cementing operations through a purpose built multi-function cutter is a pretty standard operation, and something we do regulary with our Samurai multi-function cutter ( big bore ) in various combi-run applications.

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