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17 July 2019
We are currently looking for an oilfield inventory software program for onshore production and drilling operations which is independent (ie not connected) to our accounting software. We are a small company but want to be able to control inventory, including min/max, create material transfers for accounting, etc. We would like to use the program in Portuguese and English. Does anyone have experience with an easy to use, reasonable cost, inventory control software program?
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There are multiple offerings, from personal experience in PNG & Australia we were using a product from an IADC compliant software company. Drilling reporting / Planning (inlc B.o.M from campaign to individual well's plus full cost reporting et al.
Flick me a pm & I will pass on the company details.... Not sure about language portability though.........

We also looked at a bespoke package that was done by a gentleman called Jim Blackburn, although it was great on the logistics side, was not considered "flavour of the month" by senior leadership at the time.

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Dirk Driedger

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