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Tender Assisted Drilling Units
30 July 2019

Good day All,

Please I require details for Tender Assisted Drilling rigs. These include:

  • Daily rig rates (excluding services) and where and when this was applicable.
  • The duration for executing different activities: drilling, casing running and cementing, running completions (with the type) and rig moves (the duration of preparation prior to the move).  
  • Recorded / Average NPT when using this type of rig.

In addition, any other information to help with planning for using this rig type will be appreciated.



Note from moderator (Dave Taylor): Please can I ask all members NOT to post any commercial details in response to this question.  A full and proper Contractual Evaluation will provide those answers and SPREAD is not for that.

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I think it’s a very specific nature, and few players, means you have to talk to the players/vendors. TAD normally contracted for a mid to long term, working continuously on a large field with multiple platforms (which are built for TAD workover in mind). Platform sizes and load characteristics vs rig size,crane requirement, barge approach vs anchor patterns, sea conditions/operating windows, lot to think about vs a typical jack up approach
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Hi Chike

I hope you get some good answers.

However, I will ask ALL members not to break an unspoken rule that we have at SPREAD.  And that is we do NOT allow commercial discussions.  So I have edited your question.

As Peter rightly points out, SE Asia (where I am based) is a very active TAD market, plus West Africa is becoming so. 

Peter has actually written a great piece (I can't remember where) that suggest taking a DWOP into the contracting stage and "Drilling a Well with each candidate rig on Paper".  That way you get to check the true value of some of the offline and tripping advantages of High Efficiency jack-ups, full or partial dual activity rigs, Multi Purpose Towers etc.


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 its a while since we worked tender barges!

Things have perhaps changed somewhat since the 80’s? maybe not that much except cost and resources of those who know how to do this well. 

However there should be those well embedded in SPREAD to answer these queries as they reside in SE Asia where these operations dominate. 
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