Use of extended bore protector on a Cameron STM-15 wellhead c/w welded 16” receptacle

When running a 16" casing with the STM-15 wellhead system,  a receptacle needs to be welded onto the bottom of the 18-3/4" high pressure housing to provide the sealing face for the 16" casing hanger (utilises a Cameron "S" seal).The standard 18-3/4" bore protector does not protect this 16” seal face leaving it exposed to damage. BP ran this system successfully on wells in Baku. These are listed below. In these wells, they ran the the standard 18-3/4" housing bore protector (17.55" pass through) when drilling with 17-1/2" assemblies and, as far as we can ascertain, did not have any problems regarding damaging the exposed seal face for the 16" hanger. Cameron (OneSubsea) have designed a modified extended bore protector (17.125" pass through) but, according to OneSubsea, it has never manufactured this item.

 Has anyone any additional information to support that the use of a modified bore protector is not needed? Our base case at the moment is that it would be folly to run drilling BHA's past an exposed seal face.

 BP - Deep Water Gunashli 

F-01, F-02, F-04, F-06

G-01, G-02, G-03, G-04

H-01, H-02, H-03, H-04

Drilled around – 2006 – 2010

Rig – Dada Gorgud


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