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BGT2 vs VAGT can they be used together
03 August 2019
Does anyone know if these two connections can be used in the same string without a crossover?
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Your question is a bit vague, but it appears you want to simply make one up into the other, and potentially at several points in the same string.

From an engineering / design / specification perspective, if those two connections have been "successfully" tested against each other in accordance with ISO 13679 (and I cannot imagine that that's been done), then the answer would be an unqualified "yes".

Again, some emphasis on the "I cannot imagine that that's been done" because there's nothing but downsides for each manufacturer to do that.

So, the practical answer is almost certainly "no".
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I would never recommend mixing Austrian Threads with “Chinese Threads”... These two in particular do not ensure correct metal sealing, hence not a gastight connection.
Even the “look-alike”, “Me-too”, “Reverse Engineered” etc. can be apparently compatible but the interface between any two of them is NEVER Gas-tight. Tolerances, for a start are guestimated.
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Thank you for your response. 
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Dave, no, although thread form is hooked thread form buttress and same TPI, which means they will screw together, the metal to metal nose seals are not compatible. They will screw together but not be assured gas tight. If its for screwing together float equipment and bakerlocking its probably okay but for gas tight up the string no. I would also do a trial make-up and drift to ensure at torque tge seal nose does not deform and decrease the ID.
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