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Production Logging - Gas/Water Hold Up Tool Application
06 August 2019
We have a requirement to identify water entry points on a producing gas well. Over few weeks time production has dropped following a recent matrix stimulation job. Water Hold-Up is suspected. 

For that purpose, we are planning to use a water hold-up tool but the contractor is suggesting to use an additional Gas Hold-Up tool as well in order to compliment the results of Water Hold-Up tool. Suggestions requested if it is useful to run Gas Hold Up tool along with Water Hold Up or latter should suffice in above case.

Above shall be followed with a water shut-off.

It is a mature field with an average reservoir pressure at approx 220 psi. WGR is 20 bbl/mmscf.
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Thank you for the clarifications.
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As others have said, running on the water hold up, is a huge risk, any production trapped between water zones will be inadvertently shut off as you see only half the picture.

Water shut off nowadays can be so much more sophisticated and effective then simply setting a plug and dumping cement across the zone.

Id always recommend running both the water and gas hold up tools so you get the whole picture of what's happening and where the water is coming from vs gas. That data should then be used to drive your water shut off strategy. In many cases using this data and then using a hydroscopic diversion chemical gives you the water shut off you clearly need, whilst maximizing production and you won get the data to make an effective decision from just running a water hold up tool and dumping a plug and cement where X marks the spot on the log.

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The water hold up tool is only half the picture. The other half is gas. I suggest running both tools to get the complete picture. Otherwise, you might end up unintentionally shutting of gas as well as water.
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