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Remediation for the Wellhead Hanger Seal leaking problem
03 September 2019
I'm currently working on my masters project and the problem that I have is as following:

  • On one of the offset wells during well construction stage the subsea wellhead profile has been damaged and currently primary metal-to-metal seal failed
  • The well has been suspended and operations on that well will be continued once the current well (100ft away from the suspended well) will be completed
  • The wellhead provider has the contingency solution as per design, which is the installation of the emergency seal, which sets in the wellhead in higher profile (that primary failed seal) but is also metal-to-metal
  • Both primary and emergency seals are highly dependent on the wicker profile in the wellhead and currently the assumption is that if both profiles are damaged, then emergency seal will also leak
Has anyone had the experience for solving such an issue? The options that we are looking, is whether anyone has used any kind of artificial rubber seal material? I have seen few options, like Seal Tite, where you pump the special fluid and under differential pressure the liquid material becomes solid rubber and the issue gets solved. 

Please share your experience or feel free to advise what can be an option to restore well integrity by sealing the wellhead profile and will provide the barrier for the following operations.
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