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HWO of ESP completions
12 November 2019
What current technology is available to enable ESP type completions to be worked over using a HWO or rig assist type package?  It is envisaged that some method of either wireline or coiled tubing deployment is necessary, perhaps even internal deployment of a power cable with a downhole wet connect and annular fluid production.
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I carried out a number of ESP Workers using an HWO, or main issues that we engineered out was:-
1. Being able to handle long ESP BHA's so we used a Gin Pole with a 10 tonne tugger and 80 ft height
2. designed special clamps to support the Pump, Motor and Protector
3, spooled the cable out at the work window and removed clamps from there also
4.Clear communication lines (radio headsets) and line of sight with the workbasket, work window and any spooling devices

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