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Cross-Coupling ESP Clamps - Non-metalic or coated.
09 March 2020
Does anyone have experience or knows suppliers who manufacture Non-Metalic (or coated metalic) ESP Cross Coupling clamps?

For a geothermal client we have recently installed an internally coated tie-back casing for protection against the corrosive fluids produced.

To protect the coating from becoming damaged when running/pulling the ESP completion it is preferred to minimize metal-to-coating contact. The use of non-metallic cross-coupling clamps to support the ESP cable and one or two chemical injection lines would be an improvement over the use of conventional metal clamps.

Well Details:
Max Temp=110°C;
Tubing: 7" OD-BTC;
Casing Drift ID= 9.4"


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Dear Jelle

I'm sorry that your post has nor received a single reply.

I guess that people and companies were hunkering down for COVID-19.

Hopefully, now people will have a bit more time on their hands and can advise.


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