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Cross-Coupling ESP Clamps - Non-metalic or coated.
09 March 2020
Does anyone have experience or knows suppliers who manufacture Non-Metalic (or coated metalic) ESP Cross Coupling clamps?

For a geothermal client we have recently installed an internally coated tie-back casing for protection against the corrosive fluids produced.

To protect the coating from becoming damaged when running/pulling the ESP completion it is preferred to minimize metal-to-coating contact. The use of non-metallic cross-coupling clamps to support the ESP cable and one or two chemical injection lines would be an improvement over the use of conventional metal clamps.

Well Details:
Max Temp=110°C;
Tubing: 7" OD-BTC;
Casing Drift ID= 9.4"


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Punch Energy Services
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Hello Jelle,

Perhaps you already have a solution in place but you could perhaps consider thermoplastic centralizers. These are typically used on completion strings in deepwater projects, in order to prevent damage while running through the riser.
Forum Energy Technologies can supply special moulded versions which also facilitate to keep cables, contol lines, etc in a fixed position.

Best regards,
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Hi Jelle,

We are a manufacturer of ESP Cross Coupling clamps and centralizers.
We can provide customized products.
If you want, we can discuss in detail about your requirement by mail.


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have a look at Emerson Polyoil Polymer products. They have a nice online video showing the kind of thing you might be looking for.
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Dear Jelle

I'm sorry that your post has nor received a single reply.

I guess that people and companies were hunkering down for COVID-19.

Hopefully, now people will have a bit more time on their hands and can advise.


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Jelle Wielenga

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