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Comparison of purchase prices and rental costs of conventional and automated drilling rigs
12 November 2019
Hi guys!

I'm writing an article for an oil & gas magazine about automated drilling rigs and I need your help. I have to compare purchase prices and drilling rig costs for automated and conventional drilling rigs. I was searching on Google, OnePetro, and websites of companies that produce drilling equipment and drilling rigs and I couldn't find the necessary information. Thank you for help!

Best regards!

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Hi Marin

I hope that our membership can help point you at suitable sources.

However, please note that we do not permit commercial information (numbers) to be discussed on this site, since it would be a breach of the ethics of the site.  As the moderator, I would immediately delete any such information before the 'alert' email goes out.

I hope that's OK.

Best wishes

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