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Cement spacers and chemical flushes current best practices and techniques
23 January 2020
Following on from contact time further education. 
What can SPREAD specialists further inform us in regard to technological and recent cement advancements in terms of fluid displacements, cement spacers and chemical flushes advancements, theories and practices.
Key areas we consider generally being classified as
- Fluids compatibility
- Fluid separation
- Aid in mud displacement (mud gel removal)
- Solids suspension

- Companies current best practice recommendations is complex well situations/conditions  such as
 - shallow water flow/gas, hydrates mounds
 - shallow geo-pressures in deepwater
 - Cementing HPHT transition and reservoir zones
 - High angle, extended reach wells.
 - Primary cementation 
 - Liner cementation 

Note: Latest cement course: fluids displacement 'training' Presentation I have as attached for perusal.

All SPREAD members responses comments, feedback greatly appreciated.


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Dear Peter:

thank you adding the presentation. The PDF seems to be empty/not working though. Would be nice if you could upload it again! Thanks

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Regardless the formulation of the spacer it is good practice to challenge the proposed volumes. Larger Cement companies will use software to show that the proposed spacer will achieve its objective: full cover around the pipe and contact time. This often illustrated with colorful pictures.

If the suggested spacer volume is say 50 bbl, then ask the cement company to run the same simulation at 40,  30, 20 and 10 bbl. The results may show that you can achieve the desired outcome ant a much smaller volume; i.e. at lower cost.

It is good to challenge, on many occasions I halved the cost of the spacer.
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