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API Extreme Line (Technical Drawings)
05 February 2020

Does anyone in the Forum has experience with API Extreme Line connections? As i know that the patent for this connection has been already made public many decades ago, i would like to know if someone could help me with the technical drawings of a 5" API XL Connection. (i got the API 5B from 1988 but the data is blurred and not completely visible).

Important for me are the dimensions related to the metal seals there.
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Thank you so much for your answers! Actually i got a copy at our university this week (API 5B,1988) and i was able to find out what i was looking for (mainly due to the picture resolution). 

@Augusto, i didn´t know that the XL came into the market as early as 1947 and before the Buttress (by Armco, according to my sources). Thanks for the interesting fact, i will do further research on it!
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  • History of tubing connections. 1901 – 1980 
  • 1925 API EUE; 
  • 1946 Hydril CS; 
  • 1947 National Supply Extreme Line; 
  • 1956 US Steel Buttress
Most of the licensees, sometimes forget the ins and outs of cutting "auld" threads. I recal an instance where a thread cutter failed to cut properly API 8 Round threas... In the end, they did manage after locating a few retired lathe operators to do the job.
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I would contact a local licensed threading shop to study the machining drawing in detail.
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 While API 5B is available to the public, it is a copyright document.  It is recommended that you access it through your university library and get the info there.

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Hi there

API 5B1 (5th edition, 1999) page 39 could be useful.

I hope it helps


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