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Does anyone have the data on longest 8.5" lateral hole drilled data ?
16 February 2020
Hi gents, 
Currently we are drilling longest well for ADNOC Offshore UAE with Exon as JV for 42,000 ft. Almost there with current depth at 37,700 ft (9-5/8" shoe @ 16,930 ft). All going fine so far, expecting TD by tomorrow late night.  

I was keen to know if someone have data on longest well drilled in terms of total MD ? 
and longest drilled 8-1/2" hole from 9-5/8" shoe to TD data ? 

Appreciate the support in looking where we land after completing this. 
Previously recently we completed 2 wells with ±41,000 ft wells. 
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IADD / Gibson Reports holds a copy of the ERD database that can be found at:

while this doesn't specifically include 8-1/2" section lengths, it would be worth asking your JV Partners as ExxonMobil have significant presence in the longest stepout wells in Sakhalin. Though from memory the 8-1/2" sections aren't the longest due to the well design.

Probably the closest analogous well where a 8-1/2" section length has been publicised would be BD-04A by Maersk Qatar in the Al Shaheen field with a reported departure of 37,956 ft, MD of 40,320 ft, 9-5/8" shoe at 4,871 ft, and 8-1/2" section length of 35,449 ft (see:
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Might be worth sending a note to Brandon Foster ( as he's been involved in some of the previously drilled longest wells.
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I do not have any information as per longest well drilled in terms of measured depths. But you can check ERD envelopes. But then, I want to know the reasons that necessiated the drilling of this long sections in Abu Dhabi. I have experience drilling around Buhasa and Bab. Most fluid loss/ flow challenges while drilling in the region is encountered while drilling through Dammam(500ft-1500ft), Fiqa being anhydrite is a good point for kick off. Another challenge is to slide through those Nahl Umaar Shale before getting into the payzones. Please I want to know the region of Abu Dhabi that require this long horizontal departures and md. What is the TVD and BHP of the well you are drilling? What is the final target inclination from RKB?Another challenging issue will be running of production liner, wire tools and completion tools into the drilled section. What techniques did you adopt to enhance hole cleaning in the deep horizontal sections(30* to 60* inclination) Are you drilling from an offshore platform?
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