Scraper along with Directional BHA

We have drilled 6" hole to well TD. (60 deg inclination)
It was a pentacombo LWD BHA (GR-Res, Den-Nue, Sonic and Formation testing while drilling). After drilling to TD and wiper trip, pressure points were to be recorded on FTWD tool. However, it malfunctioned and we have to now POOH and run in with backup tool.

Next operation is scrapper run, to scrape at OH screen hanger packer depth. (OH screen completion). To save time, can we combine the LWD BHA (sonic and nukes will be excluded in next run) with scraper BHA which has scraper, filter and magnet?

LWD BHA will be in the OH - for recording pressure points and scraper will be spaced out and will remain in cased hole.

Are there any issues in combining these BHAs?
Will detection be a problem due to scraper (someone said so)?

PS: MDT/ RDT on eline option is not available.

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