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How to land casing without any problem
05 March 2020
We have faced many problem while RUNNING 9-5/8" Casing , so i will be happy if you share with me expected problem or UN-expected and how to deal with it,
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 and blame mud engineer ... another old ROT. but maybe you have a very good case . ! but fixed for trip there. hard tight spot- did you not do wiper trip before running casing  ? seems strange for hard tight spot.  problems  where well is coming in on you as insufficient mud weight for hole stability ( ROT was 48 hours GOM ?- forgotten  ) , well, just think on your day rate. and keep it moving.  all you can do.
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Really, it seems like you were dealt  a crap unthought drilling program and you had to deal with it... and you dealt with it as best you could, and seems like succeeded. .  Be very proud of it. 
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Sorry,  iIam a new in website let me reply on you 

Good morning;

Let me tell you guys more details.  

The last issue we had severe losses in weak zone: we did 6 cement plug (balance plug in same area separately).  We spent 15 days to cure it because we redress cement and get losses again.  

Before running casing,  I decided to run a clean out BHA and condition the hole, due to the difficulties to controlling the properties of mud.   Besides that,  during the  trip we got differentially stuck  five (5).  When we reached bottom we  conditioned the mud and POOH free on elevator to run casing.

During casing running, we  observed very hard tight spot and spent (for example) one joint 6 hour.

I like the rule-of-thumb to check two things before run casing: hole geometry and condition of mud to avoid spongy filter cake 

The well is vertical , the mud water base mud 

Thank you

Note from moderator: 

The 'rule of thumb' has been said to derive from the belief that English law allowed a man to beat his wife with a stick so long as it is was no thicker than his thumb.  

I hope that things have changed and that my other research shows that it now means dipping your thumb into your drink to taste it.
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I think it would be best if you described in detail one or two of the more significant issues you faced and the nature of the wells so that the members can give you specific advice, otherwise you’ll just get a list of general good practice in non specific well conditions.
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During running casing, you should be very cautious with the hole .

Before running  the casing you can do lots of calculations by Landmark or other software.
Do your best to decrease the time of connecting the casing, avoid casing stuck.
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As a suggestion adopt a no blame investigative method analysis of your problems using a latent cause analysis or similar method eg  

1. Gather all the lost time events evidence? 
2. Keep the 3 P’s of evidence separate to avoid bias
2. invite all those identified as involved to a stakeholder meeting. 
3. present the evidence to all involved.
4. Note: the only rule is you can’t blame anyone but yourself. 
5. Let the evidence lead you to the truths of why things have failed. 
6. People now have no where to hide and are not permitted to blame someone else. AS IT is EVIDENT who is at fault. THOSE  responsible and accountable must own up and admit to thier failings before anything will change. ( note: several people are typically at fault) 
7. When people change and corrective learning actions required are translated and sustained? you will start to succeed vs repeatedly fail and get casing safely effectively and efficiently to bottom trouble free. 
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You are the DSV and have to accept you are part of these problems as a starting point.  

Please enlighten us with all the ( physical ( parts) people and paperwork ) EVIDENCE why your team is failing to get casing to bottom trouble free? 

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