Mud Pump swabs / piston selection

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on one of the rigs we are using at the moment we experience an enormous amount of MP failures whilst drilling 12-1/4" HS with SBM, primarily with washed-out swab elements.

We did check for misalignment, sand/solids content and liner wash system, but apart from minor findings, nothing dramatic or obvious that could lead to an accelerated wear and tear of elements (lasts for about 20-24 hrs before failure)

Since current rig contractor is not that experienced with OBM, I wonder if the selection of elements is correct one and whether we need to change the supplier / type. The thinking is that "Bonded White Lightning" (Mission) components are designed for a bit higher temperature environment (230 deg F vs 208 deg F at section TD) and might be a bit "stiff" and have issues "adjusting" to the inner bore, bypassing fluid and eventually failing due to wash-out.

Had a very good experience with Dual Duro by Southwest Oilfield Products in the past on a similar application.

MPs: FD-1600

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