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Mud Pump swabs / piston selection
05 May 2020
Hi there

on one of the rigs we are using at the moment we experience an enormous amount of MP failures whilst drilling 12-1/4" HS with SBM, primarily with washed-out swab elements.

We did check for misalignment, sand/solids content and liner wash system, but apart from minor findings, nothing dramatic or obvious that could lead to an accelerated wear and tear of elements (lasts for about 20-24 hrs before failure)

Since current rig contractor is not that experienced with OBM, I wonder if the selection of elements is correct one and whether we need to change the supplier / type. The thinking is that "Bonded White Lightning" (Mission) components are designed for a bit higher temperature environment (230 deg F vs 208 deg F at section TD) and might be a bit "stiff" and have issues "adjusting" to the inner bore, bypassing fluid and eventually failing due to wash-out.

Had a very good experience with Dual Duro by Southwest Oilfield Products in the past on a similar application.

MPs: FD-1600

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I had a very similar circumstance way back in 1995. We switched over to the Dual Duro pistons and went from an average of 12 hours per set to 1200 hours.
They became the standard for the drilling contractor I was working for at the time.
We also went to polyurethane cap gaskets.
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We had very good luck with the Southwest Ceramic line in E.Kalimantan Indonesia.  I don't recall what the name was.
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