Hi all,

I wish to pick the brains of the forum.

HPHT subsea well in North Sea in only 80m WD in around Q3/Q4 coming into winter time.
Really cries out to use a jack up rig but I'd like to ask you all for any feedback you can give me that disqualifies even trying this well with a mid-water semi.
  1. What is the min WD you could run with a Below Tension Ring (BRT) RCD?
  2. Running with Above Tension Ring (ATR) RCD reduces the slip joint stroke available and not wise during the harsh winter conditions in the North Sea were unlatching for bad weather WOW NPT would increase somewhat.
  3. Has anybody used a mid-water semi in the North Sea (UK, Norway etc...) at the same time of year and what was your experience?
  4. Any advantages in using a semi at this time of year over a jack up?
  5. Any disadvantages in using a jack up instead of the semi?
Many thanks

Ron Mackay
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