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Subsea LPWH cement port sizes
20 November 2020

It's a long shot but thought I'd throw it out there...does anyone have a chart showing the size of cement port with various low pressure wellhead housings (Vetco, Dril-Quip, FMC)?  

Or does anyone have a catalog of wellhead drawings that shows the sizes of the cement ports?

Thanks for any info!

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Some of the information I am sharing ,which I have used in our field

1. Vetco SG-5, LP housing (30") - two holes , 4 7/32" dia

2. Vetco MS-700, LP housing (36/30") - Four holes, 4" dia

3. Drill-Quip SS-15, LP housing (36") - 12 holes, 3 1/2" dia

4. Camaron STC-10, LP housing(30")- 6 holes, 3" dia

Hope this information will satisfy your query. However it is not necessary that all ports are kept open during lowering. Some time if the wellhead is lowered with ball valves to close ports (by ROV) against shallow gas/water flow some of the ports may be blinded during lowering depending upon wells.

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Hi Dirk

I'm fairly certain that someone in our membership can either answer your question or point you in the right direction.

I would highlight that there are many variants of wellhead (and vintage) from the various Wellhead companies, so the possibilities are quite wide-ranging.

I'm not sure that anyone would have a chart, but you never know!

If you have a wellhead type in mind, you may get a quicker response.

Best regards


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