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Horizontal drilling, well engineering & drillstring design
28 November 2020
All members,

I am currently preparing a horizontal drilling (unconventional well applications), well engineering, drillstring design, and best operating practices (on line training program) for a client. 

I have several documents on horizontal drilling, training manuals, etc and i did attend a while back Frank Schuh's (drillstring design and operating limits for horizontal wells). That is a a great number crunching course, with numerous worked examples, on how to design a BHA and place ones HWDP etc and drillstring design aspects etc when planning a horizontal well.

I have also several gems wrt buckling, T&D papers and historical documents on this subject area, that we have gathered over the decades. etc etc.

What i am seeking in particular are:
  1. - What current technologies applications are you using to enhance horizontal drilling today. (what's driving the need for these)
  2. - bit/bha drive systems being used
  3. - RSS preferences
  4. - Geosteering methods, strategy.  
  5. - LWD tools typically run in carbonate and sandstone reservoirs
  6.  - value addition as to why these tools are being run
  7. - Other string tools and accessories

Other comments to share in regards to:
  1. Hazard / risks assessment example for horizontal wells planning, engineering design.
  2. What are the top Problems being experienced in your horizontal wells.
  3. How are risk being proactively avoided and mitigated (as prevention is always better than cures on these wells).
  4. Best operating practices being used.
  5. Any journal papers or documents worth referencing and reviewing.
  6. What else in regards to this 'horizontal drilling' subject area you have to share? 
All welcomed,  where 'Sharing is caring' so don't be shy. 



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In horizontal wells, string weight DP size and hole cleaning are obvious major issues.
The use of high strength light weight DP or Aluminium DP (ADP) is a consideration.

I'm not convinced that enough long term planning considers these items, especially ADP.

Depending on number of wells, time, % success rate expected etc etc, both can be costed, pipe life expected and design considerations all evaluated.
Also in both types of pipe OD can be modelled for best hole cleaning.
The Russian ADP has to be a serious contender.


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