13-3/8" x 13-5/8" Deep Casing Landing & BTC Connection

Dear All

We are at the planning phase of our deep well project that demands landing of intermediate 13-3/8" 72# P-110 (BTC Connection) (Surface - 1200m) x 13-5/8" 88.2# Q-125 (TSH ER) (1200 - 4000m) casing to 4000m MD/TVD.

I have done my calculations manually and through software, and it is satisfying the required loads for casing body. However, since it is BTC casing at the top, I am afraid about the axial loads during running for such a heavy string (Dry Wt: 496MT & Buouyed Wt: 389MT). Jump out of connection is my main concern as there is no fixed make up torque value and depends on triangle. If it breaks, then there is no way to bring back the casing to surface due to the limitation of DP overpull capacity.

Further data: Normal PP throughout well. Last shoe at 2100m. MW: 1.70 SG. SF of 1.5 for both casing and connection.

Does anyone have similar experience in running BTC connection to such a deeper depth? Any words of wisdom? I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


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