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Land rigs in Nigeria
15 February 2021
I am interested in any experience or information members may have regarding land rigs currently working or available in Nigeria for a future drilling project. I believe that the project will include initial perhaps nine 10,000-11,000ft vertical wells with some requiring a 1,000ft horizontal tail. Beyond that, there may be a requirement to go for the deeper targets that I believe are now being exploited.
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Hi Roman,

KCAD have both experience and a number of rigs in Nigeria of varying horsepower: 750, 1500 & 3000. (T43, T57 & T80a)

Thanks to DT for flagging this as I'm currently on a different planet!!! Dave can you please provide my contact details to Roman and I will put you in touch with the in-country team so you can talk about experience, etc..


Note from DT: Done!

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I am happy to discuss my experiences in Nigeria on Land rigs currently available. Dave Taylor can provide you with my contact details.

Note from moderator (Dave Taylor): done!

rp-squared has done quite a lot of work in Nigeria. I had the pleasure of Richard's company a few times
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