Simplified Shallow water flow and shallow gas flow rate equations


Seeking a simple flow rate equation for shallow subsurface (silt, sand formation intervals to account for
- shallow water flow
- shallow (methane, biogenic) gas flow

in what would typically be 
- highly porous (25-35% porosity)
- high permeable 1-2 darcies  
- sequence intervals 
- Ranging from at balance up to 100-300psi** above normal hydrostatic pressures
(** based on GOM shallow water flow experiences in a highly charged rapid depositional systems) 

Any other evident well's views, data, or drilling information regarding  
- mud flows (mud volcanoes)
- carbonates (shallow water flow gas) differences
in a similar context.

e.g. References, cases studies, reports, standard petroleum / reservoir, flow equations etc. 

Greatly appreciated.



Note: Purpose and intent is to integrate equations, lessons, further practices shared, into some simple drilling models and a e-learning 'Shallow Hazard' well control module currently under development. 

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