COVID-19 protocol at the Wellsite: Are personnel wearing masks?

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At a recent MPD x DWOP here in Indonesia, the HSE group discussion raised a very interesting question.  We'd like to share this with members and see how you are minimising the potential for COVID-19 spreading on the wellsite.

  • Equipment is sprayed with disinfectant in the yard
  • In some offshore places, we hear that equipment is isolated for up to three (3) days before being handle
  • Personnel undergo all kinds of quarantine and tests before being allowed to the rig

  • What about the supply boat equipment and personnel?
  • What other ways have you identified that COVID-19 can reach your wellsite and what precautions are you taking?
  • What precautions are taken on the wellsite to control an outbreak? 
  • Are personnel required to wear masks at all times?
  • How are meal times handled?
  • What else are member organisations doing?

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