COVID Precautions onshore: in particular rigs AND Equipment

Dear members

Some of the previous threads have discussed COVID-19 protocol for offshore  and things like COVID-19 precautions on site (meals, work sites etc).

Now for onshore.

  1. What precautions are taken when moving rigs from one part of the country to another? 
  2. We know that, in Australia, bio-diversity protection rules mean that the land-rigs and vehicles have to undergo wash-down to prevent seeds passing into different areas
  3. But what about organic material that travels with the rigs (not just food) and so on?
  4. And, on land, what is being done about occasional “visitors”, delivering fuel, food and so on?
  5. Does anyone spray down and disinfect items coming to the rig including pallets?

It would be great if our members could share their experience, current practices and opinions, for the benefit of all.

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