Land-rig: Landing surface casing on 'H' beams to save WOC

Dear all

I was thinking about how to minimise WOC on the critical path and was reminded of a practice in North Africa.

H beams were laid across the cellar and secured together to receive casing elevators.  The section TD was adjusted to the casing tally and drilled so that the elevators would be at H beam depth when the casing shoe was on depth.

When being run, the last joint of casing was M/U hand-tight.  After landing the casing elevators on the beams, and the cement job was completed and the floats were checked for back flow, the cement head was removed and the casing backed out at the connection supported by the elevators.

Is this practice widespread and what advantages and disadvantages do you see?

Rig-floor activities could then continue whilst the cement was curing.

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