So, what could have been a fairly simple well has encountered a series of setbacks.


Well was drilled to 8980ft with reamer shoe set & (9-5/8'' csg) cemented at 8970ft inclination 75deg, then shoe was drilled out and 8-½;'' hole  was drilled to TD @ 10,500ft 89 deg inclination. with 9.7deg mud weight The horizontal section started at 9450ft with inclination at 86 deg. 

The rss bha was pooh and a wiper trip assy rih, but this encountered restrictions @ 9400ft and losses as well. the mw was later reduced to 9.5ppg to handle the losses, cos of the unavailability of lcm then.


Things gradually went downhill afterwards, as the restrictions and hu issues continued. several junk basket and a brush & scraper run were carried out.


Several attempts  was made with with different bha including RSS bha to drill open the well, but all encountered restrictions, pressure spikes, HUD, Stuck etc.


The current theory is that some sections of the shale section in the horizontal section may have caved in+ some fragments of the reamer shoe  blocking the hole, and further attempts to circulate them out were ineffective probably because of the high angle or size of the cave in chippings.


Now the team is stumped on what next to do, considering abandoning the horizontal section of the well, and initiating a sidetrack to drill a new horizontal section, however the last assy rih got stuck inside casing at 7000ft~, 


So apparently some of these cave-ins chippings are suspended inside the casing in spite of several attempts to push them downhole.

Am seeking for advice on how to deal with these rogue chippings and perhaps anything the team may have overlooked

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