Unknown Chemical Identification (Tol-Kleen)


I have a drum of a chemical that I need to ship out of my facility but with the information present on the drum I am unable to properly identify what the chemical is or its Propper Shipping Name is. 

On the drum it reads “Tol-Kleen” and below "TK-14". The brand name present is “Tretolite”.  Please see attached photograph.

I searched our facility SDS and scoured the internet but was unable to find anything on this chemical, except an expired trademark registration - see also see attached.

If anyone can provide more details, especially (M)SDS, I would be most obliged.




Notes from moderator (Dave Taylor):

Colt and I have exchanged several emails.  Petrolite was bought by Baker-Hughes.  Perhaps someone can provide more information and/or point Colt in the right direction.


Documents uploaded by user:

Label on Tol-Kleen drum.jpg

Expired Trademark.pdf

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