RCD (Rotating Circulating Head) use to drill in losses scenario

Dear Forum Members,

While drilling the carbonate reservoir section we experienced heavy losses up to 650 bph through large fault or fracture that cannot be cured with non-damaging reservoir LCM materials.

One of the solutions to drill ahead with accepted losses is to use RCD. 

Typical well data:

9-⅝" casing set at 1300 mMD/1150 mTVD, incl 65 degree

8-½” hole TD at 1700 mMD/1210 mTVD, incl 83 degree

Reservoir pressure: 10 ppg EMW, carbonates

MW: WBM 10.8-11.0 ppg

What is your experience good and bad for using RCD while drilling with accepted losses? 

Many thanks

Alkim Sarikas

Drilling Engineer

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