OBM with CaCO3 as a weighting Material

the below information is required ASAP,

Looking for your experience answering the below questions & giving the available real field information working with Oil base mud  (95/05) weighted to 13.5 ppg with CaCO3  (10-micron size or less) as a weighting Agent (No Barite),

is there much difference in electric stability of this OBm compared to normal OBM 95/05 weighted with Barite to 13.5 ppg

what would be the real electric stability reading rages of this OBM after hot rolled & circulated while drilling deep wells @ +14000 ft or moreā€¦

also a full mud property check of this mud including the Rheology PV/YP /LSYP / Gels & Solid analysis..

did anyone experience any problems running this mud related to Gelling & Solids or settling problems in tripping while long static time during Tripping  & wireline logging in the Slim 6" holes section deviated to +80 degrees inclination..

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