Drilling through Tar & Coal formations

Dear All, 

Normally we are facing operational challenges due to stuck pipe while drilling through formations that contain tar & coal . we can have string stuck with failures to fish it & end up with BHA lost in hole..

please, give any available guidelines to avoid such stuck pipe & lost in hole events.

if there are any available documents that provide standard  Guidelines & procedures from Big operators (BP/Shell/chevron / Total or Aramco…etc) is there separate plans for working with WBM & another with OBM?

what are the special mud additives used by operators & big mud companies (MI-Baroid-Baker fluids) to spot for freeing string & dissolving the Tar & what are the spotting procedures?

what are the names of these products & their chemical compositions?

is there any new technology products or spotting fluids to use to avoid & free stuck pipe in these formations ?.

is there any precautions to take while drilling these formations?

would you recommend some SPE papers & reference books or manuals on the subject?


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