Cemented Drill-In Structural Pilings for Floating Windfarm Anchors

We are evaluating the use of oilfield liner drilling methods to drill in and cement structural pilings to serve as anchors for floating windfarm installations. 

This methodology could be both technically and cost competitive with established anchoring methods such as suction piling anchors, drag anchors and drilled grouted anchor pilings. 

Drilling in pilings add considerable flexibility to their installation as piling depth can be easily achieved based on holding force requirements in different soil types by deployment of oil field drilling methods. Established anchoring systems are typically depth limited by their design.   

After consultation with mooring companies, one of the major concerns is lateral loading and cement integrity.   

The piling/anchor will be oilfield casing and can be designed to handle axial and lateral loading by calculation, but the question comes up if there is any significant lateral deflection, cement integrity could be compromised, potentially weakening the anchor/piling.  

Are there existing cement designs that could be resistant to lateral deflection forces and maintain integrity without cracking under designed load?  

I'm thinking this may be analogous to cementing  casings in tectonically stressed areas. 

Looking forward to responses.

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