Offshore riserless drilling, massive sandstone intervals

Early exploration drilling discovered the consequential effect when massive sandstone intervals are encountered during drilling top hole or surface hole drilling intervals ie when drilling. Riserless taking returns to the seabed initially drilling and pumping a seawater fluid medium.

Where should best drilling engineering and operational practices not be applied,  

stuck pipe and re-spud of wells often resulted, as well reports worldwide shall evidently testify too.

So what are todays best practices to consider in this respect eg 

  • 23in hole Vs 26 in hole benefits
  • slender well benefits
  • pump rates ( would you reduce this, why exactly?)
  • what size of sweep? How often?
  • benefits of a APWD tool.
  • How do you determine ( engineer)  optimal rop?
  • how does one avoid overloading and inducing a fracture within the sand ( note: that will be generally fatal) because facts are that these shallow sands cannot heal once fractured.
  • how can wellbore interval be stabilized and consolidated ( when drilling, making a connection, during tripping.)
  • best operating practices to consider?
  • when do we need to pump and dump with a mud system Vs seawater ( further benefits of this)
  • Using a mud recovery system
  • what else etc 
  • ALL the above To SEE and assure, safe effective efficient wellbore drilling optimization results. 

Once members have shared their knowledge experiences and regional wells train wrecks and success case examples

We shall further offer what are considered best practices supported by an engineered approach to be utilized for drilling massive sandstone intervals riser-less, optimally and trouble free. 

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