Old drilling mud and tubing impede progress

A relative bought a few shares in an oil company that has run into the following problem:

Subsequent to the rig achieving certification the CTF-004 rig and crew have performed well and the rig experienced no material downtime. The workover initially progressed very well with two of three tubing strings being successfully removed to a depth of 3,433 metres. However unexpected conditions were subsequently encountered in the wellbore as a result of old drilling mud and tubulars left in the well from operations in 1998 which impeded progress with the removal of the final 1.5 inch coiled tubing below a depth of 2,889 metres. More than 85% of the 1.5 inch tubing was recovered, however an excess layer of old debris and drilling mud prevented the removal of further 1.5 inch tubing. The Company and its partner, have reviewed the progress and determined that the workover will be suspended pending investigations of alternative means of completing the programme.

Can anyone tell me is this a big problem or a little problem and can it be solved? Thanks very much.

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