(Temporary and/or Low Cost) Heat Shields for Jack-up working alongside Wellhead Platform

Dear colleagues

At a recent DWOP-CWOP, the topic of heat protection came up.

The jack-up will be working alongside the WHP for about 60 days in total.  The derrick height is close to the WHP  flare. It is an automatic derrick, with the derrickman's racking cabin at monkey board level.

Modelling has shown that, during a full platform process blowdown, the brief heat pulse will endanger anyone in the open air at that level.

The derrickman is safe in his cabin, but the team are exploring the contingency that he might be outside.

In previous campaigns, there was a floating emergency flare to which the hydrocarbon inventory was directed. That will not be available this time.

Current thinking is a fire resistant tarpaulin or so as a temporary heatshield.

Question to members: 

  1. Have any of you faced a similar situation and, if so, what elegant and low-cost solutions did you come up with?
  2. What simple (and sensible!) solutions can you all think of.

With kind regards


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