Soft skills training ( well construction / drilling professionals)

If you were taking in some new hires.

What soft skills training would you consider as mandatory before releasing this next generation into the wild world of well construction and drilling operations. 

My top soft skills development training warranted, based on current 43years of operating experience / knowledge that I benefited the most from to pass on would be: 

  1. Practical loss control safety leadership. (Note: DNV now own the proprietary rights for this since late 80's  and offer an online self study syllabus) I was afforded a one week course by an operator in 1988! Great course!
  2. Hazard identification / risk assessment. I was afforded a 3 day course by Conoco in 1999, even though I was a consultant DSV at that time.
  3. A suitable ( no blame) investigative method. We were never ever afforded such training. I did self finance and guest on  two Latent cause analysis courses in 2015/16. To conclude, perhaps the best training / skills development course that  I ever intended. Albeit 35 years too late for me to learn from a career of failures  that most organization,  just let pass them by, without ever truly learning. Check out at
  4. Foundational project management. Everyone should be afforded this surely? Yet we are in the majority still awaiting training for this, despite facts that operators started to adopt/adapt project management that was introduced into drilling operations from the mid 90's. To improve wells delivery. Proving in the main very successful, when a keep-it simple approach was/is taken to drill wells as Projects.
  5. what else do you view as foundational soft skills training and development? feel free to comment.
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