Top 10 (non-injury) wellbore drilling / workover accidents**

For purpose of this question. 

Safety* is defined as - The control of accident loss. 

An Accident* is defined as:  As undesired event that results in, harm to people, damage to property (plant), or loss of process / productivity.    

*Ref: ILCI definition's from circa 1985. 

Using a 48 offshore subsea wells development well data set . 

It was concluded that drilling had three main categories of non-injury related drilling accidents i..e 

  1. Wellbore related (40% of major** accidents resulted)
  2. Equipment related (40% of major accidents resulted)
  3. Waiting related (20% of major accidents resulted.)

Major** threshold defined an undesired accident event that resulted in more than 18hrs (or £250,000 of delays, failures, loss/waste   

What would be Top 3-5 sub categories on your wells for 1. 2 and 3 main undesired category events as listed above. i.e. Wellbore, Equipment and Wellbore related undesired events. 

Further Notes:

A.) 1+2+3 incurred, 187 significant undesired accidental events totalling more than a year of major accidental drilling days lost. (where only 5 investigative reports existed.) 

B.) 0 Zero major harm accident events  resulted from wells data investigated during tis period.

I will share sub category lists from this particular well's data set investigated. To review, analyse and reflect as to how they marry in with other big data set results offered. 

If any big digital data sets can offer any inkling top where major safety non injury undesired accident events exist.   


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