Fly or Jet pump design, for use in well cellars

I am looking for a simple design sketch, pictures of a basic Jet pump.  

I would like to build a device that will suck up cuttings from a cellar (or a caisson in our case), by using the Venturi effect from an upwards placed/facing nozzle, in a sort of U-tube piping arrangement.  I dedicated hose from mud-gun or mud mixing line ‘drives’ the jet pump.  The returns are routed via a returns hose to the header box on the shakers.

Many moons ago, several  of the rigs in Oman used these rudimentary, but very effective devices to pump returns from the cellar, when:
[a] returns to Drill Floor were not possible due to losses, or 
[b] returns to Drill Floor were not preferred: pumping mud and cement returns from the cellar, to prevent cement getting in the BOPs.

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