Semi-Sub Operational Effectiveness

As part of my MSc final year Project, I am studying the operational effectiveness of different types of drilling rigs and the advantages and disadvantages of their design, lay out and equipment etc.

I am specifically interested in the semi-subs currently working in the UKCS and wondered if anyone knew of any papers or reviews that have been written which evaluate and compare for example Enhanced Pacesetters, Aker H-3, Bingos, 700/711 series, and the larger units such as Offshore Co. SCPIII (NTvL), Zapta (J.W. McLean) and Paul B Loyd Jr (Aker H-4). From an operational side I am interested in items such as station-keeping, waiting on weather, BHA handling time, tripping speeds, BOP running times and so on. From a rig design point of view I am interested in the issues associated with, for example, raised catwalks, single V doors, usable deck space etc.

Karyn Hossack
Drilling Engineer
Maersk Oil & Gas UK
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