Penetration Test Feedback - Jetting vs Drilling&Cementing

Hi All,

I am looking for some feedback on the effectiveness of penetration tests.

Our normal procedure is to jet the conductor pipe and have contingency equipment to drill and cement should the jetting fail in the first place. This also in wildcat wells.

It is the first time we drill in this area of the block and there are some (limited) offset data from nearby wells, operated by others.

One of the wells has been reported as having had issues in the jetting, thus determining the jetting route for the future wells.

Our shallow hazard report refers to 'harder' layers some 20m below mud line in one location and ±40m BML in the other.


The decision to be made is the following:

  • jetting
  • penetration test to assess whether to go the jetting or the drilling & cementing route
  • drilling and cementing

The penetration test is acting as an intermediate way to avoid investing already in the first place in the money (and in all the risks) of drilling&cementing. We would run a simple 12¼" BHA, keeping parameters constant in order to determine whether the 'harder layers' really are of any concern.

It is obvious that we could not have the same weight, nor the same bit size of the jetting (26" bit sticking out of the jetting shoe), so the parameters would be different. What we would be after are trends and changes in parameters.

Penetration test would be down to the CP shoe and would be drilled on location.

Any thoughts are welcome.



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