Inappropriate use of SPREAD as a source for procedures

Please be advised that we have had four (4) posts blatantly asking for copies of procedures within the past week.  We have allowed a few through and I have just blocked one.

This is a Discussion Forum, not a source for cheap (free) access to detailed procedures, in particular ones that have been paid for (typically by Oil Co) and are the type that Service Providers would charge for.

We are not in the habit of 'doing others out of business'.  If you want commercially available procedures then you need to go out and pay for it - just like everyone else !!

If it's locally written procedures (i.e internal Oil Co) then the individuals submitting need to be sure that there will be no 'backlash' for this appearing on sites like this.

If it's the likes of or Kingdom Drilling who are providing it anyway, and choose to use this site to help the rest of the industry .. then "good on ya!"

I hope you will all help me keep this site true to it's origin .. a Discussion Forum.

A good discussion includes a summary of the challenges faced, notes on the options considered, perhaps details of the actual conditions experienced and details of the items to which answers are needed ..




Thanks to those of you that have emailed me privately to point this out !

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