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Rig Positioning
28 September 2016

How is general rig positioning Procedure to place rig on the well location - Anchor Moored & dynamic positioning?

And what are the various equipment's available to position the rig on exact well location for development wells.

Does using beacon/transponder with ROV helps to position Anchor moored rig on the exact well location?

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I'm not sure exactly what you are specifically seeking.
There are several questions in your request.

Anchoring and DP is somewhat a different process.

Having a rig over a well in 8,000ft of water may not be what one wants to safely manage the drillstring or the riser.

Having the wellhead at the right position on the seabed is the important aspect here. Where there are specific surveying and box in techniques that are used to assure company required accuracy. Surveying companies can provide these. 

This may change for a exploration e.g. within 1-5m tolerance to a development well where more accuracy may be required.

Often we do run a compatible transponder on the ROV and conduct a box in survey of the well in this way once conductor is jetted and a well head is set.

To assure quality control one generally employs a surveying company who knows what they are doing, in all of this.

Rig position, rig equipment accuracy, ROV transponder QA/QC checks, box in techniques, further checks all to assure required tolerances and accuracies required.   

I have a typical box in procedure somewhere for a DP rig, that I shall try and find and attach.


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