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Benchmarking Deepwater drilling rigs cased hole tripping?
03 December 2017


Seeking participants to enable 'global benchmark data gathering' in regards to average 'cased hole / marine riser tripping effectiveness and efficiencies being attained in deepwater today.

For those willing to participate, please respond and we shall send individuals the form.
Note: All participants shall receive benchmarked results from all data gathered. 

Note: The future for deepwater in this area, perhaps resting with the current 2016 'Robotic' drilling tower and claimed ability to run 185ft (56.4m) stands at >5,500ft/hr (1675m/hr) - automatically. Watch this space.



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Do include me in your tripping excercise.
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Yes, please include me in your subsequent data gathering exercise for this bench-marking fingerprinting topic.

Thanks &
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