Revised arrangement for STUDENTS plus tips on managing email alerts

Dear members,

We're always looking at ways to make SPREAD easier to use, and more widely available.

Recently, we've turned our attention to our industry’s next generation, students

In the years to come, many of the people who contributed their experience will be no longer be in the industry. However, their knowledge and wisdom will live on in the SPREAD  forum. 

Some time ago, we realised that we needed to encourage students to use the forum, and to encourage existing members to welcome them. In the past, there were concerns that student questions might be too basic, the answers readily available in their textbooks or “on Google”.  We didn't want to bother our members with alerts that might seem unsuitable for the forum. Because of this, student questions were heavily vetted and edited before publishing, and no alert emails went out when a student posted a question.

However, this often meant that they did not get the attention or response they deserved. Now, we think we have found an elegant compromise.

Within their profile, students will be encouraged to name the college or university that they are attending. This addition will help build understanding and camaraderie amongst the more experienced members, who might have studied in the same seat-of-learning. Students will also be mindful that they're representing their institution when they post online, which should ensure the quality of questions.

Student alerts will now go out automatically, along with the mainstream questions and answers. We’ll still endeavour to delete or edit the inappropriate ones, though please forgive us all if the occasional ‘un-checked' one slips through.

If you're thinking: "I already get too many emails from SPREAD, now I'm afraid that I'll get a bunch of student questions in my inbox!" …. then we've thought of you too. 

 Log into your account, and go to your profile edit page. If you log in now, then this link should send you to the right page:

Then, scroll down and:

·      See that you can choose whether you want to get the student alerts or not. 

·      You can also choose between daily and weekly alerts. 

·      You can even tick the categories that interest you. 

STUDENTS: You can go to the same page and add your college or university name. This information will help you get more responses to your questions.



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